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K-LD7 Digital Radar Transceiver EV Kit

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K-LD7 Radar Transceiver

K-LD7 EV Kit는 기존 K-LD7 + 케이블 + 프로그램 장치가 추가된 상품입니다.

– Small and low cost digital 24 GHz radar motion detector
– Measures speed, direction, distance and angle of moving objects
– Low current consumption
– Typical detection distance: 15 m for persons /30 m for cars
– Target list output over serial interface
– Integrated FFT signal processing with tracking
– 4 configurable digital outputs
– Power supply range from 3.2 to 5.5 V
– 3×4 patch antenna with 80°/34° beam aperture


The K-LD7 is a fully digital low cost Doppler radar that can measure speed, direction, distance and angle of moving objects in front of the sensor. The digital structure and wide power supply range make it very easy to use this sensor in any stand-alone or MCU based application.
The sensor includes a 3×4 patch antenna radar front-end with an asymmetrical beam and a powerful signal processing unit with 
four configurable digital outputs for signal detection information. 
built-in tracking filter makes the sensor output even easier to use. 
The serial interface features the possibility to read out a target list with speed, direction, distance and angle information of all moving 
objects in front of the sensor or to digitally configure the sensors detection parameters


–  Distance triggered movement detection applications
– Simple gesture recognition
– Indoor and outdoor lighting control applications
– Pedestrian counting
– Traffic counting

- Door Opening 

Indoor automation 

 Automatic light activation
 Air-conditioning active if room is occupied

Movement detection 

 Activate light on advertising boards
 Attract attention to an object

Intrusion Alarm

 Detection movement in room
 Measure distance to object

Speed measurement 

 Inform driver of his actual speed
 Measure distances between vehicles

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