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K-LD2 Evaluation Kit

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K-LD2 Radar Ev Kit 

– Powerful control panel software included 
– Easy K-LD2 parameter setting over GUI 
– Converted units for easy development 
– Real-time streaming of ADC values and FFT spectrum 
– Saves time to market and reduces NRE


SThe K-LD2 Evaluation Kit is a fully operational movement detector. The evaluation board visualises the two digital outputs of the K-LD2 over LED’s. 
Two potentiometers allow quick adjustments of the sensor’s sensitivity and hold time. With the included powerful Control Panel software, development time is reduced drastically. 
All the parameters can be modified using the Control Panel, without having to look at the command list of the K-LD2. 
The influence of changed parameters can be directly checked in the real-time spectrum. 
Also ADC values and the dominant movements are displayed at the same time. Other parameters like sensitivity, filters and thresholds are directly shown in the spectrum to allow visual control.
 A unit conversion function allows to see spectrum and detection information either in bin, Hz or km/h. 
Simply save different settings of your K-LD2 and load them later for comparison or to order preprogramed K-LD2 sensors from RFbeam.


– Optimizing parameters for the K-LD2 sensor in your application 
– Getting started with the K-LD2 
– Learning about the potential of a K-LD2 sensor

- Door Opening 

Indoor automation 

 Automatic light activation
 Air-conditioning active if room is occupied

Movement detection 

 Activate light on advertising boards
 Attract attention to an object

Speed measurement 

 Inform driver of his actual speed
 Measure distances between vehicles

Data Sheet


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