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K-LC 7 radar transceiver

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– Small and low cost 24 GHz transceiver
– Two Rx Antennas for angle measurement
– I / Q IF outputs
– Fully integrated low phase noise VCO
– Built in temperature compensation circuit for VCO stabilization
– Wide power supply range from 3.2 to 5.5V
– 3 × 4 patch antenna with 80°/ 34° beam aperture
– Available as SMT or THT type


– Direction sensitive movement detection
– Security systems
– Home automation
– Indoor and outdoor lighting control applications
– Object speed measurement systems
– Ranging detection of moving objects using FSK
– Industrial sensors


The K-LC7 is a small and low cost radar module which allows
angle measurements. The module is operating in the 24.0 GHz
to 24.25 GHz ISM band and it has a built in low phase noise VCO,
which makes the module suitable for FSK or FMCW applications.
The internal temperature compensating circuit keeps the output
frequency stable over a wide temperature range.
IF outputs I and Q allow movement direction detection and high
performance signal processing.
The sensor has a 3 x 4 patch radar frontend with an asym metrical
beam. The built-in voltage regulator covers a wide power supply
range from 3.2 to 5.5V. The module provides a frequency divided
output which can be used to measure the output frequency
of the VCO.
The K-LC7 is offered as SMD or THT type. The SMD-Type can
be mounted using standard pick and place machines and is compatible
with Refl ow solder process.


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