V-MD3 Digital 3D Radar Transceiver

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■ V-MD3 Digital 3D Radar Transceiver

Key Features:

- 61 GHz 3D FMCW radar with digital signal processing

- Measures speed, direction, distance and angle of multiple static or moving objects

- Typical detection distance: 30 m for persons / 80 m for cars

- Target list output over 100BASE-T Ethernet

- Integrated range Doppler processing with tracking

- 2 configurable digital outputs with overcurrent protection

- Wide power supply range from 8 to 32V

- 3 TX and 4 RX patch antennas with 60°/36° beam aperture

- Rugged water-proof housing with M12

- connectors for harsh conditions

■ Description

The V-MD3 is a high-end 3D radar transceiver with integrated signal processing and tracking algorithms. It can measure the speed, direction, distance and angle (in azimuth and elevation) of moving and static objects.

The digital structure and wide power supply range make it very easy to use this sensor in any stand-alone or MCU based application.

The sensor contains a radar front end with 3 TX and 4 RX patch antennas paired with a powerful FPGA signal processing chain. It has an Ethernet connection for reading out data and for sensor configuration as well as two configurable digital outputs for simple area surveillance or collision avoidance systems. It is possible to read out sensor data from different processing stages, which offers maximum flexibility for easy integration in different customer environments.

There is no need to write own signal processing algorithms or handle small and noisy signals. This module comes with comprehensive functionalities for quick and simplified object detection, observation and measurements. The IP-65 housing with M12 plugs further simplifies integration in harsh environments.

■ Typical Application

Door Opening

Indoor automation

- Automatic light activation
- Air-conditioning active if room is occupied

Instrusion Alarm

- Detection movement in room
- Measure distance to object

Movement detection

- Activate light on advertising boards
- Attract attention to an object

Speed measurement

- inform driver of his actual speed
- measurement distance between vehicles

■ Datasheet


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